1840 Rendezvous Spanish Colonial Art Market in Morrison, Colorado

Colorado summers are filled with festivals that encompass all sorts of interests, activities, and themes. From Renaissance Fairs to Bluegrass festivals, our great state comes alive with the warm weather. Take the opportunity to expand your imagination, play dress up, and be a kid again at the 1840 Rendezvous & Spanish Colonial Art Market in Morrison, Colorado. Here’s what you need to know to make the most out of this unique event.

What is a Rendezvous?

From 1825 to 1840, the Rocky Mountain Rendezvous was held each year at various locations around the mountain west. Mountain men, trappers, and fur traders would attend these events. Some fur companies sent mule trains to the rendezvous location each spring with supplies like whiskey, food, and tobacco to set up the fair grounds and hype up the event.

All were invited, and as the Rocky Mountain Rendezvous gained notoriety, tourists from Europe would even travel overseas to experience the revelry that took place. Trading was the main event. However, drinking, dancing, singing, and storytelling happened often around campfires, in pop-up salons, and in tents.

Rendezvous in Morrison

While this gathering certainly lacks some of the more illicit events that took place during the 19th century version, it boasts all the fun. From musket-shooting competitions to hatchet throwing, the 1840 Rendezvous is a great time for guests of all ages.

Learn how to start a fire with nothing but twigs, watch a blacksmith forge cutlery, horseshoes, and tools over a hot flame, or learn about traditional native beadwork. Historic interpreters are at the ready to provide accurate accounts of each activity while other events, like birds of prey demonstrations and live-action storytelling, will take place throughout the two-day festival.

When & Where

The Fort Restaurant in Morrison, Colorado is an authentic, life-sized replica of a fur trading fort from the 1800s. Buffalo prime rib and juicy steaks are on the menu and the eating is good! Additional festival fare will be provided by The Fort. The 1840 Rendezvous festival will take place in and around the restaurant, on September 11 and 12 from 10am – 4pm. Dress up in your best western wear or buy hand-made garb at the event made by talented leatherworkers.

Denver and its surrounding suburbs were stopping grounds on people passing from east to west and north to south. Fur trading was a huge industry only 150 years ago and developed many of the large cities we know and love today. Rendezvous festivals like these transport guests back in time, offering a unique experience in which one can truly imagine what life was like in the open western landscape.

Just a short drive from Littleton, Colorado, the 1840 Rendezvous & Spanish Colonial Art Market can’t be missed. Grab your friends at Windermere Apartments and carpool to this rip-roaring good time. Contact us to learn more about our conveniently located, 55+ active community apartments in Littleton.

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