Beginning Sewing Series at HISS Studio

Whether you’re a mending novice or know some basics, sewing classes are a “darn” good time to foster a practical and useful skill. HISS Studio’s beginning sewing series starts March 6. This series is ideal for anyone looking to learn the ABCs of needle and thread.

What Will Participants Learn?

Participants will start by learning the various parts of the sewing machine, basic stitches, cleaning techniques, and how to avoid machine jams. They’ll move on to learning about various sewing tools, how to pair tools with projects, and how to set up a sewing area in a limited space.  

Participants will also discover the different seams, stitching the perfect seam, how to properly press seams, and how to get a professional-looking line. They’ll learn the difference between pressing and ironing and how to achieve the maximum benefit from the ironing board and pressing tools. The series ends with participants learning how to create crisp finishes, a narrow edge hem, and a blind stitch hem.

All material is provided but participants are encouraged to bring their own sewing machine if they have one, as well as an empty bobbin (spool or reel).

Class Policies

Participants are asked to arrive five minutes early to set up so classes can begin promptly on time. Anyone who is more than 10 minutes late will be asked to reschedule and pay for a makeup class. Since the building is secure, late arrivals disrupt the flow and interfere with learning.

Why Sign Up?

Perhaps the biggest reason to learn to sew is that it’s a basic skill that comes in handy; from sewing a button back onto a winter coat to closing a popped seam on your grandchild’s favorite teddy bear, there are all sorts of things that will need a new stitch eventually.

But outside of the practicalities, sewing has many hidden benefits:

It helps you foster your creativity by making handmade clothes and crafts for yourself or your friends.

It gives you a chance to express your individuality and originality.

It lowers stress and increases overall happiness and wellbeing

It keeps fingers limber and reduces your environmental impact

It saves you money.

Sewing is a useful skill that’s beneficial around the house and on the go. Sign up for HISS Studio’s beginning sewing series to discover the basics and create projects that are anything but.

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