Easy Pool Aerobics for Beginners

The swimming pool is one of the best places to work out, especially in the heat of the summer. Fortunately, downtown Littleton offers ample opportunities in the way of outdoor recreation, including a handful of public pools. Swimming and water aerobics take pressure off your joints that would otherwise normally be present during any other workout. No matter your age or fitness ability, these easy pool aerobics give you a total body workout.

Walk it Out

Exercising in the swimming pool increases endurance, fends off osteoporosis, and promotes balance. These are all a must for staying healthy and maintaining independence outside of the water. Start off by slow walking back and forth along the shallow end of the swimming pool, gently picking up your feet off the pool floor and keeping your core engaged. Walk for at least five minutes and proceed to other exercises, using this as a great warm up to slowly increase heart rate and blood flow.

Reverse Shoulder Fly

Using floating dumbbells, stand with feet hip distance apart and hold a dumbbell in each hand. Move your arms out to the sides and allow them to rest at the top of the water. Then, slowly push arms downwards into the water, bringing hands close together in front of you so that the dumbbells touch. Slowly release back up so arms are out at the sides, and do 10 – 15 reps.

Underwater Bicep Curls

Pair this with the reverse shoulder fly by switching back and forth between reps for an arm and shoulder burning workout. Begin by holding weights down at your sides with palms facing forward. Slowly raise dumbbells toward the surface of the water in a curling motion. Once you’ve arrived at the top of the curl, turn palms so they are facing the bottom of the pool, and push down. Repeat this for as many reps as you feel are necessary.

Butterfly Kicks

Get some laps in and work out the legs and glutes with butterfly kick relays down the pool’s lap lane. Use a kickboard and race the clock to the end of the pool using only your legs to get there. This workout is a great way to increase the heart rate and get some cardio in without stressing the knees, lower back, or spine. Incorporate butterfly kick relays in between stationary repetitions for interval training.

High Knees

Depending on your fitness ability, the in-pool high knees workout offers many variations. Individuals who need lesser intensity can practice high knees by raising one leg at a time, holding it up at a right angle, and extending their leg out in front of them. Try to keep feet flexed and toes pointed at the ceiling. For balance, hold on to the wall if need be. Those wanting to up their cardio game can alternative lifting knees in a jumping jack fashion for many seconds or minutes, depending on the intensity you desire.

Aerobic workouts in the pool are great for people of all ages because they are gentle on the body yet build muscle and bone mass. With the right equipment, aerobic pool exercises can help you stay in shape and increase mobility, strength, and flexibility out of the water, as well. Windermere Apartments encourages active lifestyles for all residents. Our proximity to walking trails, bike paths, and a public park gives Windermere residents easy ways to take charge of their health and fitness. Contact us today to learn more. 

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